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Are you looking for more than just dry theory in your studies?

  • Practice-oriented learning
  • A wide range of development opportunities
  • Work experience during studies
  • Extensive variety of activities

Why should you consider a sandwich course with us?

A sandwich course offers a variety of advantages and can be an appealing option for students. Here are some reasons why a sandwich course can be a great choice.

Practical experience

A sandwich course provides the opportunity to gain practical experience alongside academic studies. You will work in our company during your studies and obtain valuable insights into the working world. This will help you better understand your theoretical knowledge and develop practical skills at the same time.

Career prospects

Through the sandwich course, you will build up a professional network at an early stage and have a good chance of being hired by us upon graduation. You will gain valuable work experience and have the opportunity to specialize in your desired field of work at an early stage.

Interdisciplinary skills

The food industry requires a wide range of skills and knowledge from various fields such as food technology, nutritional sciences, business administration and law. A sandwich course in the food industry offers the opportunity to acquire and develop these multidisciplinary skills. Students can deepen their knowledge in various areas and receive a comprehensive education that qualifies them for diverse professional challenges.

Career Benefits

A sandwich course can enhance your prospects in the job market. Employers value the combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience that you acquire during a sandwich course. You have an advantage over other graduates as you already have relevant professional experience.

Independence and responsibility

During a sandwich course, you learn at an early stage to work independently and organize yourself. You have to manage the balance between your studies and work, which teaches you how effectively to plan and prioritize tasks. These skills are also useful in other areas of life.

Broad knowledge in the learning field

Through the sandwich course, you can gain both theoretical knowledge from your studies and practical experience in the company. This allows you to build a broad expertise and specialize in various areas. You get a complete understanding of your field of expertise.

Professional orientation

The sandwich course provides you with the opportunity to explore and test various areas in practice. You can determine which professional field aligns best with your interests and aptitudes, allowing you to adjust your career goals accordingly. As a result, you gain early clarity about your professional orientation.