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Grow with coolback and become part of our team!

We are looking for motivated team players in all areas and at all locations.


In our state-of-the-art production facilities, the focus is on the diversity of our bread roll production. As a modern large-scale bakery, we offer numerous activities around our production facilities, ovens and baking lines. From dough maker to food technician. Here you have several options open to you to start a career.

Warehouse / Logistics

Smooth operations are unthinkable without a warehouse. It is the origin of all logistic planning and organization processes. This is where the raw materials for our baked goods arrive and are distributed by our logistics experts to their destinations in the plant. At the same time, our finished baked goods are waiting to be picked for onward transport. Careful handling is crucial in order to comply with legal regulations and not to endanger employees.

Technology /Engineering

Our workshops ensure that our technically advanced equipment runs smoothly. Our qualified technicians, mechatronics engineers and electricians are on duty every day to carry out maintenance and repair work on our belts and machines.
You have technical know-how, but lack the training? We are also open to motivated career changers.


Administration is our organizational backbone. All important administrative tasks and processes are coordinated and managed here. The team in administration handles a variety of tasks, including human resources, accounting, purchasing, logistics planning/disposition, marketing and sales. Employees ensure that operational processes run smoothly, resources are used optimally and the various departments work together efficiently. The administration is also responsible for strategic planning, budgeting and business development.