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Discover your strengths, learn from professionals and prepare for your professional career!

  • Develop a sense of self-responsibility
  • Continuously grow and develop
  • Gain a unique perspective by observing the professionals up close
  • Explore different departments

Why should you do your internship with us?

Completing a internship at our company provides you with a fantastic opportunity to further develop both personally and professionally, while gaining valuable experiences. With us, you can get a closer look at all the areas that a large industrial bakery has to offer.

Practical experience

You will have the opportunity to apply your theoretical knowledge in the real working world and develop practical skills. This is an invaluable experience that will prepare you for your future career.

Insights into everyday working life

You learn what it’s like to work in a specific professional field and get an authentic insight into everyday working life. This will help you decide if this profession or industry is right for you.

Start your professional network

During your internship, you will have the chance to make valuable contacts. You can benefit from the experience and knowledge of our experienced employees and possibly even find long-term mentors or your future employer with us.

Personal and professional development

Through an internship you can improve your communication skills, experience teamwork and strengthen your independence. You will learn to take responsibility and handle tasks independently, which will promote your personal and professional development.

Strengthening the resume

An internship at our esteemed company elevates your resume to new heights. It demonstrates to potential employers that you have gained early experience in the professional world and how committed you are.

Explore new interests

During the internship you can get to know different tasks and departments, which can help you to better identify your interests and talents. It may open you up to new career opportunities you didn’t know about before.

Self-awareness and reflection

An internship allows you to better identify your strengths and weaknesses and work on them. It increases your self-confidence and helps you develop a clearer vision of your career goals and aspirations.

What departments are there to discover at coolback?

Technology /Engineering

In the technical field, we offer you the opportunity to gain initial experience on our modern production lines. You can familiarize yourself with the professional fields of industrial electrician and industrial mechanic. You will work with innovative technologies and have the opportunity to expand your technical expertise. Our experienced technicians are there to support you every step of the way.


In the administrative field, you have the opportunity to gain firsthand experience and valuable insights into the inner workings and operational dynamics of a successful company. You will be familiarized with administrative tasks and have the opportunity to enhance your organizational skills.

Food production

In food production, you can gain knowledge of the entire production process of our high-quality products. You will work with food, learn about hygiene regulations and quality standards, and assist us in creating delicious products.

Warehouse / Dispatch

An internship in warehouse management can be a great opportunity to gain practical experience in this field. Warehouse management involves the planning and organization of warehouses, including inventory management, product placement, and optimization of warehouse processes.